We first want to say we miss you our Sisters!!

The I Am A Treasure Team and I prayerfully prepare and await with great expectation all year for our April gathering, The Unveiling Women’s Movement. We were definitely ready to celebrate our eight years of The Unveiling Women’s Movement with you and an abundance of thankfulness to our Father God. However, out of our control due to the COVID-19 plans were changed, but we know God is still in control.

After much prayer with your safety in mind, meetings with several venues, and our team we decided to not have our scheduled 2021The Unveiling Women’s Movement. During this time of the uncertainty of the COVID-19 wave, this is the most effective way that we can keep us all safe, healthy, and serve you in excellence and love. Most of all for us all to experience freedom and the fullness of what God has for us. Also, the amazing Sisterhood that is always formed, rather in tears, laughter, hugs, praise, and worship.

Please know WE WILL keep THE MOMENTUM going until our next gathering of The Unveiling Women’s Movement. Our new rescheduled dates are May 13, 2022, and May 14, 2022, and the venue location is Embassy Suites by Hilton Dallas Frisco Hotel Convention Center & Spa, 7600 John Q. Hammons Drive, Frisco, Texas 75034.

We are expecting a greater experience of and with God, like never before. Remembering and Celebrating YOU and our theme “DESIGNATED SURVIVOR.”

COVID-19 placed us on pause, but the pause truly gave us the rest and the 20/20 vision to move forward and become better individually and together.

We are praying for peace to rule your lives and for you to remain healthy, safe, and for all your needs to be met.

See you soon, love and appreciate you always,

Sharon Simpson








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